Our Difference

We spent years listening to our customers and clients in order to build and to develop a platform that would serve buyers, sellers, agents, and wholesalers all in one place. We created a community-based network, where everyone can transact with ease, by focusing on efficiencies, transparency, and trust, so everyone can win.

Comparing FairClose

How we differentiate against National iBuyers

You maintain control

When an iBuyer buys a property, they take over the transaction and usually the agent gets pushed to the side. With Fair Close, our members maintain 100% of the control.


Unlike most iBuyers, our buyers are happy to purchase wholesale properties, which provides you with more options.

We are community driven

Our members/affiliates bring the properties and the buyers to our network. Most marketplaces either allow you to post properties for a 2% fee or allow buyers to register. Typical marketplaces do not allow you to monetize your buyers’ list.


Our buyers are retail cash buyers, national REITs, and everything in between. Unlike most iBuyers, our buyers have a diverse buybox. Our buyer network brings additional and different buyers to you.


No other platform gives you so much information about your buyers. This provides you with the reassurance that you are dealing with excellent buyers.

We are local investors and cash buyers

Most national iBuyers don’t have the experience and market knowledge that a local operator has. Our buyers are local and they know the market.

Why are we different

We are not a pay-to-play marketplace that allows anyone with $99 per month to join. We know that our industry is all about relationships and bringing and adding value. We offer a focus on the bottom line which ultimately brings value to our members and our buyers.

Who is Fair Close?

Our team has a combined experience of completing over 12,000 transactions. This provides us with the ability to understand all aspects and challenges of the deal. We have transacted as buyers, sellers, and wholesalers. This also gives us the experience and understanding to perfect the process through technology.

We understand that wholesaling is underserved and misunderstood by the agent community for many reasons. We believe that the issue at the core is the lack of transparency and systems. We designed Fair Close with a focus on creating a FAIR playing field so that everyone can CLOSE their transactions by using information and processes that bring together agents, wholesalers, sellers, and buyers and all can benefit from one another. This is why we named the platform Fair Close.
We empower agents, new investors, and wholesalers to learn about real estate investing through our technology and systems. We are passionate about building meaningful relationships through the platform, so that we can all bring value to each other, and ultimately create generational wealth through real estate.