Double-End Your Listings the Right Way

Instantly connect to an incredibly diverse, verified, and qualified buyer network

No sign-up fees. No monthly fees.

We’re changing the game

FlipIQ is able to immediately generate dozens of offers from experienced and qualified buyers. These buyers can rest assured that our properties are validated, which creates opportunity after opportunity to secure great deals for both parties.
Our members upload properties onto the platform
Properties are validated by local analysts
Properties are automatically sent to verified buyers with a matching buybox
Members choose and negotiate with the most qualified buyers and highest offers through the easy to use app
Simple one-click title and escrow order

Transparency and Efficiency

At FlipIQ , our mission is to disrupt off-market real estate sales, through a simple and accessible platform, which leverages trust and buyer relationships.

Our state-of-the-art platform provides a marketplace of validated properties where we connect the properties with verified and qualified buyers. We eliminate the need for agents to create their own cash buyer/investor network; while maintaining control and the ability to double-end the listing.
Here's how it works

Verified & Qualified Buyers

Our vast buyers' network includes our agents, wholesalers, and affiliates. FlipIQ's cutting edge technology validates each buyer to determine if they are an experienced investor or a retail cash buyer. Our unique process verifies and qualifies each buyer based on their track record and ability to close, which creates transparency and trust.

Buyer Rating System

Buyer rating on FairClose app
Our post-close peer-to-peer rating system creates accountability for our buyers and our members. FlipIQ's proprietary system allows the seller access to buyers' information that is non-existent on any other real estate platform.
Buyers are uploaded by agents, wholesalers and affiliates.
All buyers must be sponsored by a member or affiliate who maintains control of the relationship.
Licensed members can assign each of their buyers a flat fee or a %, based on buyer type and relationship. This, in turn, allows members to monetize their buyers list.
All buyers must agree to FlipIQ's terms and conditions, which protect our members on the platform.

Validated Properties

Off-market properties come from our agents, wholesalers, seller direct, and CloudCMA iBuyer connect. Local third party market experts validate each property to ensure that the member who posted the property has the right to sell it. Our analysts confirm the information, the repair costs, and values, in order to deliver accurate information to each buyer. FlipIQ's cutting edge technology delivers properties to each buyer, based on their own unique buybox.
Our members upload properties onto the platform, through an easy to use application.
Members who post properties are able to choose options such as the closing date, buyer financing type, and the date of the inspection.
Properties are evaluated by local analysts, and feedback is given to members, in order to meet their needs and goals.
This unique process ensures that only the right buyers who meet the terms and needs of our members, will receive the properties.

Sellers’ Rating System

Responsiveness: Does the seller respond to offers on time?
Data Accuracy: Was the information about the property accurate?
Professionalism: Was the seller professional and courteous?
Comments: Give you insight into how sellers operate.
Our post-close peer to peer rating system creates accountability for our buyers and our members. FlipIQ's proprietary system allows the seller access to buyers' information that is non-existent on any other real estate platform.

No membership fees, No monthly fees.
Easy to get started.

End-to-end platform that empowers agents and brokers

Double end your off-market properties
Find off-market deals for your cash/investor buyers
Deals get delivered to your buyers based on their buy box, FlipIQ 
does all the looking for you!

Agents - Double-end your listings the right way!

Instantly connect to the most powerful and diverse iBuyer network. FlipIQ offers a simple, yet powerful, CRM platform that connects your property to your own buyer’s list PLUS all other non-overlapping vetted iBuyers in the network, based on the buyer’s buybox. Negotiate multiple offers through our easy-to-use application. Open and close escrow all through the app.

You keep all of the control, you get to see the buyer’s track record, the ability to close, and the peer rating before you choose which offer is best suited for you and the seller. Double-ending has never been so easy and transparent. You can also add your cash or investors’ buyers to the network and assign each of your buyers a flat fee or a %, based on buyer type and your relationship.